Dispensationalism Tomorrow and Beyond

Dispensationalism Tomorrow & Beyond

A Theological Collection in Honor of Charles C. Ryrie

Christopher Cone, General Editor

From Renald Showers:

“This book in honor of Dr. Charles Ryrie was written by scholars who hold to the same basic view of Dispensationalism for which he is noted. In their chapters they address subjects related directly or indirectly to that system of theology.

They exhibit a confirmed commitment to the authority, power, sufficiency, original languages, and correct interpretation of the Scriptures. Their work reflects careful exegesis of pertinent Biblical passages and significant interaction with writings of scholars who disagree with the Dispensational view of the Bible. Readers will be introduced to subjects not normally addressed by Dispensational authors.”

  • $29.00
  • Paperback: 492 pages
  • Publisher: Tyndale Seminary Press (2001)

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Contents and contributors:

  • “The Necessity of Dispensationalism,” by Charles C. Ryrie
  • “Four Pillars of Dispensationalism,” by Christopher Cone
  • “Priorities in Presenting the Faith,” by John C. Whitcomb
  • “Basic Distinctives of Dispensational Systematic Theology,” by Charles H. Ray
  • “The Importance of Biblical Languages,” by David E. Olander
  • “The Principle of Single Meaning,” by Robert L. Thomas
  • “The Role of Israel in Dispensational Theology,” by Arnold G. Fruchtenbaum
  • “Dispensational Definition & Division Revisited,” by Christopher Cone
  • “The New Testament Use of the Old Testament,” by Robert L. Thomas
  • “Do We Really Hold Scripture to be Sufficient?” by John A. Tucker
  • “Content, Object & Message of Saving Faith,” by Jeff Heslop
  • “The Times of the Gentiles,” by David Criswell
  • “The Pre-Day of the Lord Rapture,” by David E. Olander
  • Daniel 9:24-27 Considered, Part I,” by Charles H. Ray
  • Daniel 9:24-27 Considered, Part II,” by Charles H. Ray
  • “Metaphor & the Rapture,” by Kevin D. Zuber
  • “The Two Witnesses,” by John C. Whitcomb
  • “The Realization of Ezekiel’s Temple,” by Jerry Hullinger
  • “Released From the Law for Sanctification,” by John F. Hart
  • “The Kingdom of Emergent Theology,” by Gary E. Gilley
  • “The Church & Social Responsibility,” by Ron J. Bigalke, Jr.
  • “Is Dispensationalism Hurting American Political Policies in the Middle East?” by Michael Stallard
  • “Biblical Prophecy: An Essential Element in Living a Genuine & Useful Christian Life,” by Paul N. Benware