DFW Campus

DFW Campus (Hurst) Schedule

Fall I Semester 2014 / August 11th – October 11th


6:00pm GREE1201/5201 Basic Greek I        Dr. Olander

6:00pm THEO4303 Survey of Theology III     Mr. Dowlen

6:00pm BIBL5301 Advanced Prolegomena        Mr. Johnson

8:00pm GEDU1301 Reading, Writing & Research     Dr. Osborn

8:00pm GREE6301 Intro to Gk. Syn, Gram, Exegesis     Dr. Olander


10:00am HEBR1201/5201 Basic Hebrew I        Mrs. McHenry

1:00pm ANTH1301 Intro to Biblical Counseling     Mr. Johnson

6:00pm HEBR1201/5201 Basic Hebrew I        Dr. Olander

6:00pm BIBL7310 OT Hermeneutics & Exegesis    Dr. Baze

6:00pm BIBL5302 Advanced Hermeneutics     Mr. Bailey


1:00pm THEO5311 Systematic Theology I        Dr. Ice

1:00pm BIBL4379 James, I & II Peter         Dr. Olander

6:00pm THEO7301 Historical Theology I         Dr. Ice

6:00pm GEDU4301 History of Science         Dr. Osborn


6:00pm BIBL4368 Intro to Biblical Languages    Dr. Baze

6:00pm HIST1301 Church History I        Mr. Hayes


Sept. 12th – 13th BIBL4313 1 & 2 Thessalonians (FW Campus)
Dr. Charles Ryrie

Students must register by July 28th to avoid a late registration fee.

Note: There is no Summer Semester for Campus Students. This does not affect Online Students.