Tyndale Seminary has a main campus in Hurst, TX, and several Learning Centers worldwide.

Day & evening classes at the main campus and Learning Centers provide the best opportunity for interaction with professors, emphasizing mentoring and ministry opportunity. Degrees may be earned through both avenues.

For students who are unable to get to the campus or a Learning Center, nearly all of our courses are available through the Tyndale Cloud Campus.

Main Campus

701 W. Pipeline Rd.
Hurst, TX 76053
(800) 886-1415

Learning Centers

Tyndale At Your Church

Our current learning centers are listed on the right.
Tyndale encourages offering course work in churches nationwide in order to expose a large number of students to formal Biblical studies. Most programs can be completed in this format. Contact Tyndale for more information regarding a Tyndale Learning Center at your local church.

Tyndale Cloud Campus

The Tyndale Cloud Campus (TCC) is a cloud-based, rather than site-based delivery of course materials. Students can be online anytime, connected to Tyndale’s server or they can download course materials to their devices, un-tethered to an online campus.

TCC course materials are identical to Campus course materials, for the highest quality of Biblical education. Each student receives one-on-one interaction and mentoring with every class, for the best, most interactive learning experience.

TCC students can study at their own pace. Though courses are designed to follow the 9-module structure of the Campus semester, they can be completed as quickly as the student is able, or as slowly as the student prefers. TCC students may take only one course at a time, allowing them to focus more efficiently and complete the course as quickly as they desire and are able. TCC students can start coursework at any time without semester restriction.

TCC students are supervised by Advising Professors (AP, graduate) and Advising Instructors (AI, undergraduate) who mentor the student for the duration of the course. While there is no direct student-to-student interaction required, the Student Lounge complements the TCC as a forum for student interaction.

Tyndale Open Campus

Tyndale’s Massive Open Online Course Model (MOOC)

The Tyndale Open Campus (TOC) allows access to select Tyndale courses and course materials without any fees or assignment requirements. While the TOC cannot be used to take courses for credit toward degree programs, the course lectures and materials are identical to the materials in the for-credit Tyndale Cloud Campus.