As part of our ongoing efforts to provide integrity and transparency in our academics, we are publishing our syllabi online for public viewing.

Courses are categorized as Cloud Campus and Independent Study/Offline, but please note that all online courses can be taken offline as well. Language courses are offered online and offline, but are taught by different professors.

To view any course’s syllabus, click on its name below. All syllabi are PDFs.


Cloud Campus Syllabi

ANTH1301 Introduction to Biblical Counseling Johnson Syllabus.pdf

ANTH5303 Introduction to Biblical Counseling Johnson Syllabus.pdf

ANTH5371 Counseling From Proverbs – Cone.pdf

ANTH5372 Counseling from Romans Syllabus Johnson.pdf


APOL4301 Apologetics and World View Whitcomb Syllabus.pdf

APOL5201 Apologetics and World View Whitcomb Syllabus.pdf

APOL5310 Biblical Worldview Cone Syllabus.pdf

APOL7301 Advanced Worldview Syllabus Cone.pdf

BIBL1301 Prolegomena Syllabus Cone.pdf

BIBL2302 Hermeneutics Syllabus Cone.pdf

BIBL3301 Old Testament Survey Syllabus Benware.pdf

BIBL3302 New Testament Survey Syllabus Benware.pdf

BIBL3372 Job Olander Syllabus.pdf

BIBL3373 Book of Isaiah Syllabus Olander.pdf

BIBL3374 Book of Ezekiel Syllabus Ray.pdf

BIBL3375 Book of Daniel – Ray….pdf

BIBL3380 Minor Prophets 1, Syllabus [Hosea & Amos] – Cooper.pdf

BIBL3381 Minor Prophets 2, (Joel thru Habakkuk) Syllabus – Cooper.pdf

BIBL3382 Minor Prophets 3, (Zephaniah thru Malachi) Syllabus-Cooper.pdf

BIBL4301 Book of Matthew Syllabus Olander.pdf

BIBL4304 Gospel of John Ray Syllabus.pdf

BIBL4306 Book of Romans Syllabus Fruchtenbaum.pdf

BIBL4313 1 & 2 Thess. Syllabus – Ryrie.pdf

BIBL4317 Survey of the Book of Revelation Syllabus Ryrie.pdf

BIBL4327 Revelation I Syllabus – Couch.pdf

BIBL4328 Revelation II Syllabus – Couch.pdf

BIBL4331 Genesis 1-3 – Olander.pdf

BIBL4368 Introduction to Biblical Languages Syllabus Olander.pdf

BIBL4371 Book of Acts Syllabus – Fruchtenbaum.pdf

BIBL4374 Book of Galatians syllabus – Starcevich.pdf

BIBL4376 Book of Philippians & Colossians Couch Syllabus.pdf

BIBL4377 Pastoral Epistles Syllabus Cone.pdf

BIBL4378 Book of Hebrews Syllabus – Olander.pdf

BIBL4378 Overview of the Book of Hebrews – Syllabus – Toussaint.pdf

BIBL5301 Advanced Prolegomena Cone Syllabus.pdf

BIBL5302 Advanced Hermeneutics Syllabus Cone.pdf

BIBL5303 Bible Survey Syllabus Cone.pdf

BIBL6325 Book of John Syllabus Olander.pdf

BIBL7306 Book of Romans Syllabus – Cone.pdf

BIBL7310 OT Hermeneutics & Exegesis Syllabus-Gunn.pdf

BIBL7320 New Testament Hermeneutics & Exegesis Thomas Syllabus.pdf

BIBL7366 Analysis of Revelation Syllabus Olander.pdf

BIBL7366 Analysis of the Book of Revelation – Starcevich.pdf

GEDU1301 Reading Writing Research Ray Syllabus.pdf

GEDU3302 Biblical Creationism Whitcomb Syllabus.pdf

GEDU3303 Comparative Religion – Ray Syllabus.pdf

GEDU3305 Critique of Psychology Syllabus – Tucker.pdf


GEDU5311 Advanced Research Methods Cone Syllabus.pdf

GEDU5315 Teaching Biblical Creation Syllabus – Johnson.pdf

GREE1201-5201 Intro to Biblical Greek 1 Olander Syllabus.pdf

GREE1202-5202 Intro to Biblical Greek 2 Olander Syllabus.pdf

GREE2203-6203 Intro to Biblical Greek 3 Olander Syllabus.pdf

GREE2204-6204 Intro to Biblical Greek 4 Olander Syllabus.pdf

GREE6301 Greek Syntax and Exegesis Syllabus Olander.pdf

GREE6302 Advanced Greek Syntax and Exegesis Sylabus Olander.pdf

HEBR1201;5201 Intro to Biblical Hebrew I Syllabus Olander.pdf

HEBR1202;5202 Intro to Biblical Hebrew II Syllabus Olander.pdf

HEBR2203;6203 Intro to Biblical Hebrew III Syllabus Olander.pdf

HEBR2204;6204 Intro to Biblical Hebrew IV Syllabus Olander.pdf

HEBR6301 Introduction to Hebrew Grammar Syllabus Olander.pdf

HEBR6302 Advanced Hebrew Grammar and Exegesis Syllabus Olander.pdf

HIST1301 Church History 1 Syllabus Hannah.pdf

HIST2301 Church History II Hannah Syllabus.pdf

HIST5301 Survey of Church History Syllabus Hannah.pdf

HIST5317 History of Eschatology Stallard Syllabus.pdf

MESS7301 The History of the Jews – Fruchtenbaum.pdf

MESS7350 Life Of Messiah Part I Syllabus Fruchtenbaum.pdf

MESS7351 Life Of Messiah Part II Syllabus Fruchtenbaum.pdf

MESS7359 Messianic Epistles Syllabus – Fruchtenbaum.pdf

MESS7371 Advanced Israelology Syllabus Fruchtenbaum.pdf

MESS7381 Messianic Christology Syllabus – Fruchtenbaum.pdf

MESS7389 Judaism, Rabbinic Theology and Literature Syllabus – Fruchtenbaum.pdf

PAST2301 Christian Discipleship Ryrie Syllabus.pdf

PAST3301 Introduction to Church Planting Syllabus Vosburgh.pdf

PAST5301 Analysis of Pastoral Misistry Syllabus.pdf

PAST5303 Principles of Christian Discipleship RYrie Syllabus.pdf

PAST5304 Intro to Disability Ministry Glover Syllabus.pdf

PAST7301 Exegesis to Exposition Cone Syllabus no recording.pdf

PHIL1302 Major World Philosophies Syllabus Noebel.pdf

PHIL7311 Seminar in Epistemology Cone Syllabus.pdf

THEO2301 Survey of Theology I Syllabus – Bailey.pdf

THEO3302 Survey of Theology II Syllabus Bailey.pdf

THEO3311 Issues in Prophecy Syllabus – Ice.pdf

THEO3373 Syllabus Theology of Missions – Penney.pdf

THEO4303 Survey of Theology III Syllabus Bailey.pdf

THEO4304 Biblical Dispensationalism Syllabus – Ryrie.pdf

THEO4322 Canon and Criticism Cone Syllabus.pdf

THEO4379 Doctrine of the Rapture Syllabus – Lightner.pdf

THEO5311 Systematic Theology I Olander Syllabus.pdf

THEO5312 Systematic Theology II Olander Syllabus.pdf

THEO5313 Systematic Theology III Olander Syllabus.pdf

THEO5314 Systematic Theology IV Olander Syllabus.pdf

THEO5320 Rapture Theology Olander Syllabus.pdf

THEO5322 Canon and Criticism Syllabus Cone.pdf

THEO5372 Sovereignty of God syllabus – Couch.pdf

THEO5373 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – Lightner.pdf

THEO5379 Inspiration and Inerrancy of Scriptures – Patterson.pdf

THEO5380 Theology of the Kingdom Toussaint Syllabus.pdf

THEO5385 Sovereignty of God and the Land of Israel Syllabus Starcevich.pdf

THEO6311 Issues in Dispensational Theology Johnson Syllabus.pdf

THEO7301 Historical Theology I Olander syllabus.pdf

THEO7302 Historical Theology II Olander Syllabus.pdf

THEO8301 Contemporary Issues in Theology Olander Syllabus.pdf


Independent Study Syllabi

BIBL5311 OT Intro I Syllabus Independent Study.pdf
BIBL5312 OT Introduction II Syllabus Independent Study.pdf
BIBL5313 OT Intro III Syllabus Independent Study.pdf
BIBL6311 NT Introduction I Syllabus Independent Study.pdf
BIBL6312 NT Introduction II Syllabus Independent Study.doc.pdf
BIBL6313 NT Introduction III Syllabus Independent Study.pdf
GREE8301 Readings in the Greek Bible Syllabus.pdf
GREE8310 Readings in Greek NT Prophecy Syllabus.pdf
HEBR8304 Readings in the Hebrew Prophets Syllabus.pdf
HEBR8371 Readings in the Hebrew Bible Syllabus.pdf
THEO8350 Readings in Systematic & Biblical Theology Syllabus.pdf
THEO8360 Readings in Eschatology Syllabus.pdf