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Affordability is Our Goal

— Tuition —

Our courses cost beteen $180 and $300, depending on degree level. Continuing education courses are only $90 each. For more information, see the Tuition page.

— Monthly Payment Program —

We are pleased to provide students with a monthly payment program that can save between 10 and 18% of tuition.

— Scholarships —

We offer four scholarships: the Kay Courtney Courage and Devotion Award, Homeschool Graduate Scholarship, Homeschool Parent Scholarship, and Student Spouse Scholarship. We also enable churches to help fund student scholarships with our Tyndale Millennium Partnership.

Transfer of Credit

Tyndale accepts for transfer properly earned credits (with a C or above for the Institute and a B or above for the Seminary) at the discretion of the Registrar. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 30 hours at Tyndale in order to graduate. Biblical courses will be reviewed before being accepted for transfer credit. Students may begin classes before their transcripts arrive from other schools, but transcripts must be in Tyndale’s office within one month of application. There is a $15 charge for official transcripts sent from Tyndale to students or other schools.