Church Planting Portal


For Tyndale students who are studying to be pastors, there is no quicker route to
fulfilling your ministry desire than the Tyndale Church Planting Portal.
There are countless areas in the United States that need good, Bible teaching churches
and pastors to establish them. To meet this need many church planting organizations
have been established throughout our country. Tyndale has established a close
working relationship with five of those organizations who hold to the same
dispensational doctrine that we do.
The men who run these organizations have the areas of opportunity already
determined. They have the experience to guide you in your effort to either plant a brand
new church or re-plant an existing one (normally a church who has lost its pastor and
needs a replacement).
These organizations cover half of the United States, coast to coast, so there should be
an area fulfilling your desire for ministry.
And, best of all, this opportunity is exclusive to Tyndale pastoral students!
The men who run these church planting organizations all know the value of a Tyndale
educated student, so this portal gives you the introduction to these church planters that
helps moves you to the top of their candidate list!
So if you are serious about teaching God’s word, and shepherding a local flock of
believers then enter your Tyndale student ID information and start establishing a
relationship with one or more of these church planters so that you are ready to move
into ministry as soon as you graduate!
Tell them you are a Tyndale student! They’ll be glad you came!

Click here for access to the church planting page!