Journal of Dispensational Theology


The Journal of Dispensational Theologyis the academic journal of Tyndale Theological Seminary, and is committed to asserting and defending sound Biblical exegesis and the resulting Biblical theology on both an academic and practical level. Recognizing that dispensational theology is not relevant merely to a few aspects of theology, and that a sound Biblical theology will be dispensational and will encompass every area of theology, the Journal is committed also to asserting and defending dispensational distinctives.

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JODT Vol. 21 No. 63 (Autumn 2017)
JODT Vol. 21 No. 62 (Spring 2017)
JODT Vol. 20 No. 61 (Winter 2016)
JODT Vol. 20 No. 60 (Summer/Fall 2016)
JODT Vol. 20 No. 59 (Spring 2016)
JODT Vol. 19 No. 58 (Winter 2015)
JODT Vol. 19 No. 57 (Summer/Fall 2015)
JODT Vol. 19 No. 56 (Spring 2015)
JODT Vol18 No55 (Winter14)
JODT Vol18 No54 (Summ/Fall14)
JODT Vol18 No53 (Spring14)
JODT Vol17 No52 (Winter13)
JODT Vol17 No51 (Summer-Fall13)
JODT Vol17 No50 (Spring13)
JODT Vol16 No49 (Dec12)
JODT Vol16 No48 (Aug12)
JODT Vol16 No47 (Apr12)
JODT Vol15 No46 (Dec11)
JODT Vol15 No45 (Aug11)
JODT Vol15 No44 (Apr11)
JODT Vol14 No43 (Dec10)
JODT Vol14 No42 (Aug10)
JODT Vol14 No41 (Apr10)
JODT Vol13 No40 (Dec09)
JODT Vol13 No39 (Aug09)
JODT Vol13 No38 (Apr09)
JODT Vol12 No37 (Dec08)
JODT Vol12 No36 (Aug08)
JODT Vol12 No35 (Mar08)
JODT Vol11 No34 (Dec07)
JODT Vol11 No32 (Mar07)
JODT Vol11 No33 (Aug07)
JODT Vol10 No31 (Dec06)
JODT Vol10 No30 (Sep06)