A Concise Bible Survey: Tracing the Promises of God (Ebook)


Christopher Cone (Author)

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A Concise Bible Survey: Tracing the Promises of God surveys the entire Bible with a chronological focus and visual learning style in mind. Studying the books of the Bible in chronological order helps readers see and understand how God is working throughout history, and how the promises of God provide the central narrative thread connecting all the Biblical books.

A Concise Bible Survey outlines in graphic chart form every book of the Bible, and illustrates how groupings of books fit together. Since the first edition was published in 2005, it has been enjoyed by students of all ages – from the seminary classroom to the living room. The simplicity and detail of A Concise Bible Survey make it a beneficial study for anyone wishing to understand the Bible better.

978-0-9765930-2-7 – 9780976593027

Format: PDF, 268 pages

Publisher: Exegetica Publishing, 2012