A Proposal to Reform the Wedding Service in Bible Believing Churches


Responding to the Governments declaration that “Marriage” is merely a social construct.

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Due to a very successful campaign waged by certain activists, the traditional Judeo-Christian concept of marriage as a divinely-designed relationship exclusively between one man and one woman has been virtually criminalized. Expression of that concept in the public square—whether in school, in government agencies including the military, and in business—now meets with overwhelming disdain and even judicial punishment. Underlying this action by civil authorities is the assumption that marriage is merely a social construct that can and ought to be changed in response to public opinion. Thus two mutually contradictory notions of marriage—a mutable social construct and an immutable divine institution—appear in the wedding service when the pastor or other church officer pronounces the couple man and wife while acting as an agent of both the state and the Lord Jesus Christ. The proposal put forth in this document argues that Bible-believing churches in those civil jurisdictions which have written the biblical view of marriage out of their law must now respond by separating the civil portion of marriage from the ecclesiastical portion and eliminate it from the wedding service. The wedding service itself must now include a robust public defense of one-man-one-woman marriage based upon God’s design. Appendices supply suggested topics to include in such a defense, a letter of official notice to the state government officials of the church’s new wedding procedure, and a sample exchange with government authorities over this matter of marriage.

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