Main Campus Schedules 2018

Spring IJanuary 8th-March 10th
Spring IIMarch 19th-May 19th
SummerNo Summer Semester
Fall IAugust 13th-October 13th
Fall IIOctober 22nd-December 22nd

Students may register up to one week prior to the beginning of the new term.

Frequently Asked Questions

Assignments, Grading, Plagiarism

Transfers, Financial Aid, Scholarships, Cancellations, Withdrawals, Refunds


I need to submit an assignment. What do I do?

Main Campus and Cloud Campus students should email their professor.

Learning Center students should fill out the Submit Coursework form.

See full details and procedures »

I need to format a paper. What are the rules?

Tyndale uses the Turabian style. Details on how to format your paper, including title page, page numbers, margins, and spacing, are on the coursework policies page.

See formatting procedures here »

I don’t have Microsoft Word. What other processor can I use?

Some free alternatives to Microsoft Word are and AbiWord. If you use either of those, always save in a .doc format! WordPerfect, Wordpad, and other rich text editors should not be used for coursework.

What is plagiarism? What is Tyndale’s policy on plagiarism?

Plagiarism is against Tyndale policy, and any act of plagiarism will result in disciplinary action up to student dismissal from further study at Tyndale. Plagiarism includes but is not limited to quoting materials without proper citing or reference. Cutting and pasting of online and other materials requires proper citing via quotation and footnote.

What is Tyndale’s grading rubric for papers?

The grading rubric for papers gives equal weight to punctuation, formatting, content, and comprehension. However, please note that Tyndale Theological Seminary has a stricter grading scale than Tyndale Biblical Institute.

Grading criteria »
Grading scales (Institute & Seminary) »

Can I transfer credit from other institutions?
Tyndale accepts for transfer properly earned credits (with a C or above for the Institute and a B or above for the Seminary) at the discretion of the Registrar. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 30 hours at Tyndale in order to graduate. Biblical courses will be reviewed before being accepted for transfer credit. Students may begin classes before their transcripts arrive from other schools, but transcripts must be in Tyndale’s office within one month of application. There is a $15 charge for official transcripts sent from Tyndale to students or other schools.

I want to apply for financial aid.
Fill out the form on the Monthly Payment Program page.

I want to apply for a scholarship.
Fill out the form on the Scholarship Application page.

I want to withdraw from my class.
A student may withdraw from a class, receiving a WP (Withdrawn Passing), through the fourth week of school, provided he is passing the course. He must notify the class instructor and Registrar of the withdrawal. After the fourth week, any type of withdrawal receives a grade of WF.

I cancelled my class and want to get a tuition refund.
Tuition is only refundable up to one week after the classes have begun. Half tuition is refundable up to two weeks after the semester begins with no refunds after the second week. There are no textbook refunds on courses dropped or exchanged.

My name shows up as my first initial and last name on my comments. How can I change it to say my full name?

Your display name can be changed by accessing “My Profile.”

I have another question. Who should I contact?

Your professor or learning center teacher will usually have the answer and you should ask there first. However, if you think your question should appear in this FAQ, email