ANTH5371 Counseling from Proverbs

I. Course Description

The course will be a topical survey of the Book of Proverbs, focusing on the sufficiency of Scripture for addressing common contemporary problems in eight particular areas including crisis counseling, premarital counseling, marital counseling and conflict resolution (considered together), parental counseling, gender role counseling, financial counseling, grief counseling, and addiction counseling.

II. Course Objectives

  1. To understand the sufficiency of Scripture for every aspect of the believer’s daily life
  2. To gain a method for extracting systematic or topical truth from Biblical books
  3. To increase sensitivity in applying the timeless truths of Scripture to common contemporary problems
  4. To be better equipped to prevent and address problems in one’s own life
  5. To be better equipped to encourage others in time of need

III. Course Textbooks & Resources

1. Commentary on Proverbs, Ironsides

2. NASB Bible, Paperback

3. 10 Color Highlighter Set

IV. Evaluation of Student Performance

1. Class Attendance – because of the concentrated nature of the lectures, one unexcused class absence will reduce final grade by a letter grade. A 2nd unexcused absence will result in an additional research assignment required for a passing grade. A 3rd unexcused absence will result in a failing grade.

2. Categorization Project – students will complete this project in weekly segments, reading Proverbs in its entirety each week, highlighting all passages dealing with particular topics before the lecture covering that topic. Passages related to more than one topic will be highlighted in the color of the primary topic and have a vertical line highlighted in the margin next to the verse.*** The timing, topics and colors are as follows:

  1. For Class 2: Crisis Counseling – Red
  2. For Class 3: Premarital Counseling – Yellow
  3. For Class 4: Marital Counseling & Conflict Resolution – Violet
  4. For Class 5: Parental Counseling – Orange
  5. For Class 6: Gender Role Counseling – Light Blue / Pink
  6. For Class 7: Financial Counseling – Green
  7. For Class 8: Grief Counseling – Dark Blue
  8. For Class 9: Addiction Counseling: Purple

*Upon completion of the course all students will submit their paperback Bibles with a cover page and the remainder of their coursework. While most courses allow for emailing of coursework, this course will require hard copies of all coursework to be turned in to the Registrar’s office.
**While distance learning students may not be held to the weekly requirement (some online students may), they must complete the highlighting for each topic before listening to the accompanying lecture.
***students with visual impairments (e.g., colorblindness) may use numbers (1through 8) in the margins rather than highlighting with color.

3. Course Paper – students will write a 7-10 page double-spaced paper on any one of the 8 counseling topics. The paper must include the following elements:

  1. Identify and summarize the Biblical (from Proverbs only) principles on the selected topic
  2. Order the principles by priority (demonstrating an understating of prerequisite and resulting principles)
  3. Explain how the principles can be applied in a counseling situation

V. Course Materials


ANTH5371 Counseling From Proverbs – Cone.doc

Coursework Requirements 7-26-06.pdf


ANTH5371 Lecture 1.MP3

ANTH5371 Lecture 2.MP3

ANTH5371 Lecture 3.MP3

ANTH5371 Lecture 4.MP3

ANTH5371 Lecture 5.MP3

ANTH5371 Lecture 6.MP3

ANTH5371 Lecture 7.MP3

ANTH5371 Lecture 8.MP3

ANTH5371 Lecture 9.MP3