BIBL1301 Prolegomena: Intro to Bible Study

I. Course Description

Prolegomena is the ‘first word.’ It is an introduction to Bible study and theological method. In this course we will examine some important first principles and methods for doing Bible study. We will consider both theoretical and practical aspects, with an emphasis on involving each student in the process so that the principles we discuss will not simply be head knowledge, but rather so that the student can apply them and incorporate them in their everyday Bible reading and study. Paul tells Timothy to be diligent in his handling of the Scriptures (2 Tim. 2:15): it is work indeed that demands diligence and precision, but it is the most rewarding work we will ever do.

II. Course Objectives

  1. To identify and understand the necessary prerequisites of Biblical doctrine.
  2. To understand the various methods of approaching Biblical doctrine.
  3. To develop a sound approach to personal Biblical exegesis.
  4. To identify and understand the correlation between the central themes of the Bible.
  5. To understand the doxological purpose of God.
  6. To fulfill the instructional mandate of 1 Timothy 1:5.

III. Course Textbooks

1. Prolegomena on Biblical Hermeneutics and Method, 2nd Ed., Christopher Cone, Tyndale Seminary Press, 2012, ISBN 978-1-938484-0302 (also available as ebook)

2. Protestant Biblical Interpretation, Bernard Ramm, Baker Book House, 3rd. ed., 1980 ISBN 0801020832

3. Classical Evangelical Hermeneutics, Mal Couch, Kregel, 2000, ISBN 0825423678

1. The Promises of God: A Bible Survey, Cone, Exegetica Publishing, 2005, ISBN 0976593009

2. A General Introduction to the Bible, Geisler & Nix, Moody Press, 1986, ISBN 0802429165

IV. Evaluation of Student Performance

  1. Class Attendance: Online students must listen to the recorded lectures in their entirety and must fulfill all other format-specific requirements in order to receive a passing grade.
  2. Reading Assignments and Accountability: All students will complete assigned reading and will summarize in one-half to one full-page three primary points from each module’s reading.
  3. Research Assignments: All students will write eight brief papers as prescribed in the Course Outline. Online students will write one and one-half pages per paper.
  4. Course Exams: There are no exams for this course.
  5. Online Interaction: Online students will have three weekly online assignments: (1) post weekly reading accountability in their online classroom; (2) post a brief (50-75 words) observation of a key point from that module’s lecture; and (3) post at least two responses either to Professor observations or other students’ postings.
  6. Work Submission: Coursework should be submitted via the Submit Coursework form.
  7. Scoring Rubric:
    Attendance or Online Participation: 25
    Reading Component (Reading & Accountability): 25 Points
    Research Component (Papers & Projects): 50 Points
    Total: 100 Points

V. Course Materials


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