PAST2301 Christian Discipleship

I. Course Description

Principles of Christian Discipleship considers the process of sanctification, addressing the nature and position of the believer, the believer’s responsibilities in sanctification, as well as some of the practical challenges the believer will face in the process.

II. Course Objectives

1. The student should understand the position and responsibilities of the believer, as well as the provision of the Holy Spirit.

2. The student should understand the definitions of a genuine (Biblical) and wholesome (balanced) spiritual life and the steps to undertake it.

3. The student should be able to communicate these truths to others, to encourage and exhort.

III. Course Textbooks

1. Charles C. Ryrie, Balancing the Christian Life, Moody, 1994, 9780802408877 2. Lewis Sperry Chafer, He That is Spiritual, Zondervan, 1967, 9780310223412

IV. Evaluation of Student Performance

1. Class Attendance – for Campus students, due to the concentrated nature of the lectures, one unexcused class absence will reduce final grade by a letter grade. A 2nd unexcused absence will result in an additional research assignment required for a passing grade. A 3rd unexcused absence will result in a failing grade. Extension and Online students must listen to the recorded lectures in their entirety and must fulfill all other format-specific requirements in order to receive a passing grade.

2. Reading Assignments and Accountability – Students will complete assigned reading and will write a one page summary on each module’s reading assignment

3. Research Assignments – Campus and Extension students will write two papers of 7-10 pages (Online students will write one paper). Choose from the three topics below:

1. Discuss the believer’s position in Christ, considering what it means to be a new creation.

2. Discuss the process of sanctification for the believer, considering any of the issues in Balancing the
Christian Life, Part 3.

3. Discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in the process of sanctification.

4. Course Exams – There are no exams for this course.

5. Online Interaction – Online students will have three weekly online assignments: (1) post weekly reading accountability in their online classroom; (2) post a brief (50-75 words) observation of a key point from that week’s lecture; and (3) post at least two responses either to Professor observations or other students’ postings.

6. Campus students will submit assignments as directed by the Professor.
Extension students will submit assignments to on or before the course due date.
Online Students will submit assignments as directed by the Online Professor.

7. Scoring Rubric
Assignments Campus & Extension Online
Attendance or Online Participation Pass/Fail/Reduction 25
Reading Component (Reading & Accountability) 30 (40 if no exams) 25
Research Component (Papers & Projects) 40 (60 if no exams) 25 (50 if no exams)
Exam Component (if applicable) 30 (if applicable) 25 (if applicable)
Total Points: 100 100

V. Course Materials